The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team’s Uniform Is Just So Perfect Right Now

All of a sudden, I have taken an interest in the Sochi Winter Games.

1. Just look.

AP Photo/Cassie Kovacevich, Loudmouth Golf


AP Photo / Cassie Kovacevich, Loudmouth Golf

This is the official Sochi uniform of the Norwegian men’s curling team. Yes. Really.

3. They are known for the hottest kit. This is what they wore for Vancouver 2010.

Jamie Squire Getty Images

4. So hot. So perfect.

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

5. Like the perfect pyjamas, but for sport.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

6. Oh.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

7. Guys, when is the curling on?

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

8. Go for GOLD.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

9. Their uniform has already quite the fan base.


Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

And only wear those. Ever.

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