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People Are Freaking Out Over The Final Episode Of "Serial"

Note: This post does contain a couple of spoilers, so if you really care, please listen to the Serial podcast first.

So you open your podcasts and you find this.

Or you open your emails and you see this.

Your routine today is basically like this.

Faced at the same time with the realisation that this routine won't be like this again for quite some time.

And all of this tension is not helped by the fact that Sarah Koenig opens the episode with these words.

"Of course I have an ending. We're gonna come to an ending today." And so begins the final episode (!!!) of @serial.

Brilliantly, the opening minutes of the final episode of @Serial has a moment in which Adnan says, "Wait, you don't have an *ending*?"

The question is tackled head on in a Funny or Die sketch. Sarah Koenig has no idea how to end the podcast (or who actually did it), but is pressured to make a conclusion.

So, stressed and in a fit of panic, she admits this.

And the response so far to the Serial final episode? Mostly positive on Reddit forums and on Twitter.

That is a cracking final episode of @Serial. What a show. WHAT A SHOW.

Although people do still have some questions.

What's this mean of Jay? If Adnan is innocent of this crime, why is Jay pointing the finger at him? NEED ANSWERS!!!! @serial

Don't understand why @serial has to be only 12 eps. IT'S NOT LIKE THERE'S NOT MORE WORK TO BE DONE.

Main @serial gripe: Why does she say Kay-nig? Why not Ker-nig? It's Koenig, the German word for king, right? I've had it with this podcast.

So with that out of the way, let's end with some polls.