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The Food At Glastonbury 2015 Looks Incredible

Glast-nom-bury more like.

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1. Piggie Smalls

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

This Manchester fave serves up hot dogs, pulled pork, and all things deep-fried and delicious.

This is the Dogt'Onion – smoked frankfurter with onions braised in butter and beer, £5.

3. Tibetan Kitchen

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

From Manchester, Tibetan Kitchen serves up traditional Tibetan foods, with their special homemade chill sauce.

This is the Beef Momo Combo, made up of beef and potato stew + rice + momi (a dumpling), and homemade chilli. All for £8.

4. The Parsnipship

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

From Cardiff, The Parsnipship serves delicious vegetarian and vegan food, packed with flavour.

This is the taster plate, featuring a summer pea pakora + beetroot bomblet + horseradish creme fraiche and sizzled halloumi + mango jus. PLUS bulgar + harissa. All for £8.


7. Buddha Bowls

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Veggie and vegan food to nourish you after a big night out, or to set you up for a weekend of dancing.

This is the massaman curry with new potatoes, pineapple and soya chunks, carrot and homemade kimchi pickle, flash steamed seasonal greens, organic shortgrain brown rice and omega seed sprinkle + halloumi. All for £7.


14. Paellaria

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

These guys were shortlisted for Best Concession at the 2014 Festival Awards, so you know they're bringing their A game this year.

This is the Paella De Carne (rice with chicken and chorizo), £7.

15. Rac Shack Alpine Street Food

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Look, we know this doesn't look as incredible as it could, but do you know why that is? BECAUSE IT IS COVERED WITH MELTED CHEESE.

This is the sausage raclette, served with Toulouse sausage and cornichons and French slaw, £7.

16. Permaculture

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

An eco-friendly meal, served on re-usable crockery. And it's delicious too.

This is a Thai green curry, with red quinoa and cucumber salad (with herbs and plants grown in their own garden at Glastonbury), £5.

17. Goodness Gracious

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Goodness Gracious is a Glastonbury institution, and for good reason too.

This is the Mexican burger – traditional Mexican organic tofu each served in a wholemeal bap crammed with salad.

An earlier version of this piece called Truly Crumptious "Truly Crumpets".