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The Child Actors In The "Orange Is The New Black" Flashbacks Look Spot On

The TeamOITNB Tumblr account has highlighted how amazing the casting is for the show's childhood flashbacks. And looking at it a little deeper, it really is true.

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1. Piper Chapman

Clare Foley is Piper as a child, and Taylor Schilling is her as an adult.

Jen Euston, the casting director for OITNB, talking about selecting children to play young versions of the show's characters with BuzzFeed News last year, said: "I only choose people who could realistically play them. Sometimes I have the [adult] actors send me pictures of them when they were little."

2. Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson

Teeka Duplessis plays Taystee as an 11-year-old, and Danielle Brooks is her as an adult.

"[Brooks] came in and had her hair back and everything but I knew she was the right one," Euston told BuzzFeed News. "I had her come back with her hair out like Taystee’s so she could look more like her, 'cause I could see it in her face."

3. Alex Vause

Rachel Resheff is Alex as a child, and Laura Prepon is her as an adult.

"For me, if their eyes and nose match up, then the rest can work," Euston said. "I usually have a picture of the person on my computer as I go through the pictures of the kids and just scan back and forth."


Emily Orley contributed to this report.