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These Two Brothers Finished The Olympic Triathlon In First And Second Place And Lovingly Embraced Each Other

What a lovely Olympic moment. (This post contains video that can only be viewed in the United Kingdom.)

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, from Great Britain, are brothers. They're also Olympic triathletes.

Mike Egerton / PA WIRE

Alistair got gold for the men's triathlon in London 2012 and Jonny got bronze.

At the end of the Rio men's triathlon Alistair Brownlee was so far ahead of everyone else in the race he stopped running and walked to the finish line, to soak in the atmosphere.

Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images

He was given a flag by someone in the ground and passed the finish line holding it.

Mike Egerton / PA WIRE

He's the first Olympic triathlete to retain their title.

And then Alistair fell to the ground.

Mike Egerton / PA WIRE

Jonny was not far behind and got silver.

Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images

Only six seconds behind Alistair, but Alistair had walked.

And then Jonny fell to the ground too.

Mike Egerton / PA WIRE

Tbf they had both just swam 1.5km, cycled 40km, and ran 10km.

And they both embraced each other.

Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images

To celebrate each other's achievement.

Brotherly love. <3

Adam Pretty / Getty Images

Well done, guys.

Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images

Alistair and Johnny Brownlee have a brother, Edward. I hope he’s sitting at home on his couch, necking a beer and chucking stuff at the TV.

You can see their finish here (UK only).

Courtesy of BBC

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