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The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To The Tube Strike

Just so you know, this post features quite a lot of people in queues.

Earls Court Station was like this.

Stratford Underground Station was like this.

King's Cross was like this.

Live pictures from the scene at King’s Cross #tubestrike

The Northern Line was like this.

Finsbury Park was like this.

In fact, the entire Underground network was like this.

Here's a map illustrating how the tube strike will affect your commute

But don't worry guys, we all coped by queuing.

And just look at those queues. So beautiful.

It makes you proud of this small island nation.


Just. Wow.

Of course, you could borrow Mummy and Daddy's 4x4.

The Jack Wills solution to the #tubestrike #thisishowweroll

Or maybe bag yourself a taxi.

Londoners, don't forget, other methods of transport are available. #tubestrike

Or just jump on one of these.

The people of Shoreditch will not be beaten by a Tube strike #tubestrike

At least we didn't exaggerate about the strike.

Any second now this entire bus is going to go Animal Farm.

On a packed bus to work. We're all singing Vera Lynn songs and invoking the spirit of The Blitz and reminiscing about The Olympics.

Proper blitz spirit in the office as we swap commute stories #tubestrike

Nope. There was no exaggeration at all.

Oh for the love of Odin, this is inhumane. People being squeezed in Japanese train style. #tubestrike

I left the house at 6.15, don't even have to use the tube, and getting to work is still like bloody 28 Days Later. #tubestrike

This is the Overground train at Homerton station right now #tubestrike

Did we get smug if our journey was unaffected? Nope.

Well my tube journey was a delight; 11 minutes Highbury - Victoria and even got a seat *smug face*

My train journey has been great so far, gotta love the Vicky line

Ohh the pain of London strikes ! #tube #tubestrike best time to be a freelance artist #workfromhome

Walk to tube station, get on tube, get to work quicker than normal. What tube strike?

MADNESS at Stratford International

Bloody tube strike definitely going to die on the bus in the morning

Keep Calm and Carry OH MY GOD A SLIGHT CHANGE IN MY ROUTINE. #tubestrike

But at least we cared about our fellow customers.

Still on my way to work, getting really into the bus bundling now. I just took out 3 old ladies to grab BEST seat #TopDeckFront #Londoner

And we all didn't mass-share signs on social media, which all turned out to be totally totally fake.

Just remember, everything will be okay.

I could walk through Hyde Park but I'm in such a bad mood I'm staying this side of the railings #TubeStrike


Was squashed in bus with & forgot I had a banana in my bag. Look and behold banana is intact. REPEAT BANANA SURVIVED!

I dunno, it could be worse I suppose.

Londoners losing their minds over mild travel inconvenience. Meanwhile in Somerset...