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    Apr 5, 2016

    More Details Of The "His Dark Materials" TV Series Has Been Announced

    Jack Thorne is penning the script, and production company Bad Wolf, which is run by the television executives responsible for the revival of Doctor Who, is involved.

    Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials is to be turned into a BBC TV drama. Filming is due to begin next year and today Jack Thorne was announced to be writing the screenplay.

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    His Dark Materials is a fantasy trilogy set largely in a parallel world, and tells the story of Lyra Belacqua and her friend Will Parry as they become caught up in war in heaven.

    The drama will be produced by Bad Wolf (the company founded by Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner) and New Line Cinema, according to a statement.

    A representative for the show also told BuzzFeed News that the initial series will be based on The Golden Compass.

    Jack Thorne is known for award-winning British TV dramas such as Skins and This Is England. He's currently working on JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play.

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    In the statement Pullman said:

    "I'm delighted to welcome Jack Thorne as writer on the TV dramatisation of His Dark Materials. Jack is a writer of formidable energy and range, and I've greatly enjoyed talking to him and learning about his plans for bringing His Dark Materials to the screen. I'm certain he'll do a superb job, and I look forward to seeing the whole project develop as he shapes the story."

    A lot of people can't wait for the adaptation.


    So I just found out that the BBC are doing a TV series for His Dark Materials. OH MY GOD

    The first book in the series, Northern Lights aka The Golden Compass, was turned into a film in 2007 that received average to poor reviews from both critics and audiences.

    Much of the criticism came from the book toning down the controversial theme of religion in Pullman's books. Slate said the film "is a tepid, jumbled Hollywood fable whose final message seems to amount to little more than 'Follow your dreams,' or worse, 'Stay tuned for the sequel.'" A sequel to the film was never made.

    BuzzFeed News asked a representative when the drama will be shown on TV. They said that as shooting begins in 2017, "it won’t be for a while, I’m afraid".


    The His Dark Materials TV series was announced in November. An earlier version of this post said it had just been announced.

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