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    The BBC Had A Sassy Caption For That Guy On Fox News Who Said Non-Muslims Weren't Allowed In Birmingham

    They referred to him as a Terrorism "Expert".

    You know Steve Emerson, a self-proclaimed terriorism expert who went on Fox News and claimed that non-Muslims are not allowed in Birmingham? / Via

    His claims were proved wrong, #FoxNewsFacts trended, and he apologised.

    Well yesterday Steve was interviewed by phone by BBC Midlands Today – the regional news show for the Birmingham area. /

    During the interview with presenter Nick Owen, Emerson apologised. He said "I am mortified for my mistake, I am totally responsible for it and I do not hide away for it."

    And the caption they used for his interview? This.

    BBC Midlands Today / / Via

    Terrorism "Expert".

    How sassy.

    Arrested Development / Netflix

    (Thanks to @JackMerlin who sparked this story off on Twitter)

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