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The Bakers Helped Each Other On "Bake Off" And Oh My God The Feels

And we're only on week two. Week two!

What makes Bake Off so different to other competition shows is how all the people in it are supportive and help each other, even when the stakes are high.

This support is present again in the most recent series, like when Steven got great reviews from Paul and Prue for his illusion cake, which caused other bakers to say:

But then tonight's episode, Biscuit Week, something amazing happened. The bakers had to make sandwich biscuits, with cream. That's 48 biscuits in just over two hours.

Tom was behind from the beginning making his Amaretto Kisses, and was getting rather nervous.

And it wasn't long until there was only one minute left and Tom still hadn't moved any of his finished biscuits on to his plate.

So Steven and Stacey abandoned their workstations to help Tom move his biscuits on to his plate.

And then James swooped in to supervise.


And then Steven moved the bakes to the edge of the workstation, even though it was actually Tom's.

Bakers helping each other tends to happen much more later in the series when they know each other a lot more - this was only the second week. The SECOND week.

I mean, this was equally as intense and as important as when Tom, Jane and Kate helped Candice turn over her brioche roll.

And until that moment, the BIGGEST helping incident was when Kate asked for a sieve in episode one.

So if someone who doesn't watch Bake Off asks you why you watch every episode and why so many people in Britain do so as well, show them a moment like this.

This is why Bake Off is a very special show.