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    The 27 Most Glorious Moments In The History Of BBC Weather

    This includes Michael Fish wearing an array of spectacular jumpers.

    BBC Weather is eternal. It's been there 27 minutes and 57 past the hour since 3645 BC, hasn't it?

    1. Wrong! From 1936 until 1954 (the exception of the war), the weather on television just consisted of a posh man reading a map off-screen.

    2. They then decided that a presenter needed to be on screen, so the weather presenter was born!

    3. The weather symbols were introduced in 1967. Dots meant rain and triangles meant showers.

    4. But then it all changed. It started with the UK drawn on by felt tip and then stroked by a sexy pencil to emphasise cold fronts.

    5. Symbols were then introduced. Weather presenters had to walk between the maps to show the upcoming forecast...

    6. ... and then they had to move the weather symbols according to the future forecasts.

    7. There were problems though. Not all the magnetic symbols stuck on the screen :(

    8. But you did have a lot of editorial freedom. In a Christmas spoof video sent around BBC staff in the 80s, they somehow managed to get Hitler to do it.

    9. Then in 1987... THIS MOMENT.

    10. Oh.

    11. But it's not all that bad for Michael Fish. He will still be remembered for his amazing dress sense.

    12. And he left a legacy. Who could have predicted in 1987 that a weather report would be used as a joke in the London 2012 Opening Ceremony?

    13. In 2005 changes were afoot. The weather symbols on the television were declared dead.

    14. And they tilted the map so much that you were no longer able to see most of Scotland.

    15. They changed it again, but at least it still has that sexy zoom in bit. You can't help but look at it.

    16. And don't forget their snowglobes change according to the weather and the time of year.

    17. Still, the technology is not foolproof. Earlier this year the map showed temperatures of -88 degrees in Norwich, Glasgow and the Outer Hebridies.

    18. And neither are the presenters foolproof. Remember the time that Alex Deakin said "cunt" on air for absolutely no reason whatsoever?

    19. The presenters don't always know when the cameras have stopped looking.

    20. And I'm pretty sure that Carol Kirkwood doesn't know where the studios are, considering that on BBC Breakfast she's always outdoors.

    21. Then there's of course that one Tomasz Schafernaker, who accidentally swore at the camera when he didn't realise that his camera was on.

    22. And then tried to cover it up by immediately scratching his chin.

    23. But then again Tomaz can get away with absolutely anything these days. I mean, LOOK. AT. HIM.

    24. It could be worse. We could have this guy doing it 24/7.

    25. It just keeps evolving. Have you seen the latest tweaks to the font and that?


    26. And BBC Weather has relocated to this sort of fantasy island in Broadcasting House that the camera floats over to. It's like a beautiful dream.

    27. Love you BBC Weather.