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The 13 Mightiest BBC News Fails Of 2013

BBC News has released their blooper reel on YouTube. Here are some of the best ones.

There's a pretty amazing BBC News blooper reel going about on YouTube. You can watch the whole thing here.

View this video on YouTube

What are the ones that you should look for? Well...

1. The time this camera came by to say hello.

BBC News / Via

2. It then did it again sometime later.

BBC News / Via


3. The time the floor manager hoped you wouldn't see him by pretending to stand really still.

BBC News / Via

4. The time this person ran out of the shot.

BBC News / Via

5. Every time the BBC News studio camera gave up...

BBC News / Via

And started rolling all over the floor. / Via BBC News

Or started zooming into the background for fun.

BBC News / Via

Or simply just gave up and fell asleep.

BBC News / Via

6. The time they cut to BBC Weather and Susan Powell wasn't there but the forecast started as usual anyway.

BBC News / BBC Weather / Via

This evening: showers easing.

7. The time a caption fail turned a BBC newsreader into the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

BBC News / Via

8. The time Alex Jones from Infowars started shouting loudly at the end of an interview with Andrew Neil during The Sunday Politics...

BBC News / Via Andrew Neil reacted by doing this to camera.

BBC News / The Sunday Politics / Via

9. And of course, the time Simon McCoy was caught holding A4 paper instead of an iPad at the top of the hour.

Why was it so good? Because a lot of people on Twitter got word of it and started photoshopping things in.

Such as this sheep.

And this lovely fish.

Or this bear that said "I love you."

10. The blooper reel is missing some blinders though, like the time BBC News interviewed The Fonz about the expansion of Heathrow Airport (for no reason).

BBC News / Via

11. And when nothing was really working during BBC Scotland's news bulletin, so Sally Magnusson just did this.

12. Remember when Matthew Correspondent was shown instead of Matthew Price for no reason? Classic.

BBC News / Via Twitter: @KoloHenderson23

Matthew Correspondent sounds a hell of a lot cooler though.

13. And who could forget the time BBC London's Wendy Hurrell didn't realise that the camera hadn't stopped looking at her yet.

BBC News / Via

Love you BBC News. Never ever change.

Have a Happy Christmas. Party hard.

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