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    Tamal And Nadiya Absolutely Need Their Own TV Show Together

    The Bake Off finalists' relationship on screen was amazing last night.

    In the Bake Off final Tamal and Nadiya, the two most popular finalists, were positioned next to each other.

    BBC / Love Productions

    Meanwhile Ian was alone at the other side.

    BBC / Love Productions

    And Nadiya and Tamal developed a relationship we haven't seen before.

    They were giving tips to each other.

    BBC / Love Productions

    They were being incredibly sassy to each other.

    BBC / Love Productions

    Nadiya's A+ face was when Tamal was talking to camera about how iced buns usually come in a batch bake and Nadiya wasn't doing a batch bake.

    I mean, just listen to their conversation here.

    Why haven't we seen this relationship before?

    tamal and nadiya are such #squadgoals

    Tamal even complimented Nadiya's pastry.

    BBC / Love Productions

    Would watch a road trip comedy starring Tamal and Nadiya even if Judd Apatow directed it. EVEN IF. #gbbo

    And when Tamal dropped his kitchen equipment behind his table, Nadiya went to go and pick it all up.

    BBC / Love Productions

    This is the final of a competition programme and they're helping each other.

    And when Nadiya did her incredibly moving speech when she won the final of Bake Off.

    BBC / Love Productions

    Tamal was chatting to Nadiya's kids.

    BBC / Love Productions

    SO happy that Tamal is going to Nadiya's house for dinner. Best bit of the whole episode. #GBBOFinal

    And then he became very tearful.

    BBC / Love Productions

    What a lovely man.

    TV producers, please give them their own show.

    Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

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