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What Advice Would You Give A Student Starting University?

Call your parents.

For many people starting University is a big step - and you end up learning a great deal about yourself.

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But there's also some things that would helpful to know before you actually start, so you don't make any obvious mistakes.

The advice I would give is that you do actually have to pay back your overdraft one day, so it's not always wise to be knee-deep in it throughout the whole of University.

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Having -£1990 with a -£2000 isn't always an achievement.

Also having a railcard is a pretty good idea (I don't know why this photo was my Facebook profile photo).

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Also never use someone else's stuff: I accidentally used a housemate's bottle of reggae reggae sauce. I came back to the flat that night to find that my bedroom doors were superglued in so had to break my door down.

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I didn't have a door for about three days.

What advice would you give students? Let us know your show and the reason why and it might appear in a future BuzzFeed Community article or video!

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