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A British TV Show Had An Interview With A Couple Who Have 18-Hour Orgasms And This Inevitably Happened

This Morning's Phillip: "Still to come."

This Morning, presented by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, features some of the most WTF interviews on British television. Like this:

ITV STudios

And this.

ITV Studios / Via

Well, today's This Morning featured an interview with a couple who claim that they both orgasm for 18 hours.

And it featured quotes like this.

ITV Studios / Via

Oh, and footage of them hugging when they both experience an orgasm for some reason.

ITV Studios / Via

But with an advert break on the way, Philip and Holly needed to wrap up the interview and plug what was coming up next, and then this happened.

ITV Studios / Via

And they both absolutely lost it.

ITV Studios / Via

Even the cameraman lost it at one point, with the graphic for what was "coming up" not showing anything.

ITV Studios / Via

This continued for some time.

ITV Studios / Via

In the end they completely gave up telling us what was coming later.

You've got to love British television.

ITV Studios / Via

You can watch the interview here:

View this video on YouTube / ITV Studios

The whole thing falls apart from 5'30.

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