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The "Star Wars" Cast Recorded An A Cappella Version Of The Famous Theme

Recorded as a stunt for The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, of course.

OK, there's a million things that we need to talk about from this song, so you should probably watch it first.

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NBC / Via youtube.com

Ignoring the fact it sounds surprisingly good...

vine.co / Via NBC / youtube.com

1. Why does C-3PO act like he doesn't know any other person in this entire video?

2. Look how John Boyega really, really gets into it.

3. Every. Single. Thing. That. Is. Happening. Here.

4. How Chewbacca is constantly: "WTF is going on?!"

5. The fact that none of the Stormtroopers/Roots can bop their heads at exactly the same time.

6. The fierce way Gwendoline Christie sings here.

7. And how Jimmy and Christie look at each other.

8. How Carrie Fisher gets zapped in like a boss.

9. How Carrie Fisher dishes shade at Harrison Ford.


11. And how Harrison Ford is only in it for three seconds and doesn't really seem to care about it.