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    Something Is Very Wrong With The Carpets In WHSmith

    Here are the 10 worst. I bet that every time you enter a store you'll be just staring at the floor from now on.

    @WHS_Carpet has gained more than 3000 followers on Twitter, just by sharing and retweeting pictures of dire looking floors in various WHSmiths, like this one in Sutton Coldfield.

    There had been criticism that some of the High Street stores were starting to look rundown and tired, with a Twitter campaign highlighting the state of some floorings.However, [WHSmith Chief Executive Steve] Clarke said: "I'm not sure I accept the premise. We have 615 stores and we have a lot of lovely stores. The ones highlighted on Twitter were earmarked for new carpets already. We have a very high footfall and a very high carpet turnover.

    But how bad could they be?

    Columbia Pictures. / Via


    10. At ten, it's Cambridge Railway Station.

    Twitter: @denoaulofthetwo

    That black mark is a little bit concerning.

    9. Telford.

    Twitter: @WHS_Carpet

    These black squares are a little bit alarming.

    8. Marylebone.

    Twitter: @WHS_Carpet / Via Twitter: @WHS_Carpet

    Oh look everyone, a life's supply of used chewing gum.

    7. Glasgow Braehead.

    Twitter: @Fudge1980 / Via Twitter: @WHS_Carpet

    Would you step in the centre of that rectangle? No, you wouldn't.

    6. Chichester.

    Twitter: @WHS_Carpet / Via Twitter: @WH1SKS

    .@WHS_Carpet described this as "genuinely terrifying. Worthy of a slasher movie."

    5. Telford.

    Twitter: @MaseDX / Via Twitter: @WHS_Carpet

    I am never going into a WHSmiths again.

    4. Wakefield.

    Twitter: @LauraKate84 / Via Twitter: @WHS_Carpet

    Here lies the remains of the last person who refused to a purchase a half price on a bag of sweets when they purchased their favourite magazine at the checkout.

    3. Bristol Temple Meads.

    Twitter: @tuco_tuco / Via Twitter: @WHS_Carpet

    Do I want any jelly beans? No I do not.

    2. East Croydon Station.

    1. And at number one, in a store in NW London...

    Twitter: @WHS_Carpet

    NO. JUST STOP. PLEASE. OH GOD. / Via United Plankton Pictures

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