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So There Is A Doge In The Financial Pages Of The Guardian Today

No explanation. Much advert. Such confusion. Wow.

Buried on page 27 in The Guardian today, right in the middle of the financial pages, you'll find this.

Let's have a closer look.

So a few of you might be wondering how doge made it into your newspaper this morning. Well… we admit it, it was us. But why, you may ask. Did we want to kill the meme by making it mainstream? Do we hate the internet? No. We actually thought we'd do something nice.We'll be honest. We were having a hard time deciding which advert to run with our free advertising space the Guardian so kindly offered us for winning their Small Business Networks competition. We tried a traditional advert, which was nice, but then we remembered we're not a traditional kind of company...... And of course we just wanted to print doge in the guardian, y'know, for the lulz.