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Bradley Wiggins Sticking His Tongue Out During The National Anthem Was Just Splendid

He's the first Briton to win eight medals at the Olympic Games, and he still can't resist being the practical joker. (This post contains video that can only be viewed in the UK).

It's one of the most meaningful moments after winning a gold medal for your country, when the flag of your nation starts to ascend and everyone sings your national anthem. Sir Bradley Wiggins, right at that moment, decided to stick his tongue out.

This was just after Great Britain got gold in a thrilling men's team pursuit final, and Wiggins had become the country's most-decorated Olympian of all time.

(Note: The above video no longer exists due to rights issues. It can be viewed here on the BBC instead.)

Wiggins was so quick that no photographers captured the moment he stuck his tongue out, but before it happened you could tell he was up to something.


His teammates Owain Doull, Ed Clancy and Steven Burke lost their composure and cracked up at Wiggins' antics.

David Davies / PA WIRE

Classic Wiggo.

Bryn Lennon / Getty Images

But overall, congratulations guys. Very well deserved.

Alex Whitehead/

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