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That Horrific "First Dates" Rejection From Last Week Has A Lovely Ending

Remember Jodie? Remember THAT date?

If you watched First Dates last week, you met Jodie and Laura. Their date was an emotional rollercoaster.

On so many levels.

Jodie was a right loveable character, and admitted that she can only get through dates by drinking.

Laura was swell too, and seemed a great fit for Jodie.

The date started, and they seemed to quickly develop some buzzing chemistry.

You then started to feel for Laura when she said that she hadn't spoken to her parents since she came out.

But most of the date was upbeat...AND LOUD. / Via First Dates / Channel 4 /


It got down to the moment when they talked about each other, and it seemed really positive.

The restaurant staff suggested this was real love.

Then they did this. It seemed like a done deal.

Laura told Jodie this.

It literally must have felt like this.

They showed Jodie walking home alone.

She said this and it was so much sadder.

This is hurting.


On this week's First Dates, Jodie made an unexpected return.

She was pretty open about how that last date went.

They then introduced this week's date, Louise.

And thank god, they really seemed to click.

Last week's date? FORGET ABOUT IT.


She was really quite thrilled.

Love is real guys.