15 Tweets That Perfectly Summed Up The Second Royal Wedding

    "Couldn't care less about the wedding but good LORD Cara Delevingne."

    Hello! Today in Britain we had another royal wedding. Princess Eugenie has married Jack Brooksbank, witnessed by the Queen and other members of the royal family.

    If you couldn't be bothered to watch, here's pretty much everything that happened in tweet form.


    Either the subtitles machine is broken or BBC News are getting rather personal about Princess Eugenie.😮😳 #RoyalWedding https://t.co/oFrlK2cMuX

    A commentator on BBC News said "What a beautiful dress", but the subtitles picked it up as "What a beautiful breasts." I've checked (yes, really) and this actually happened.


    Couldn't care less about the wedding but good LORD Cara Delevingne:


    Best part of the royal wedding so far 😂😂 #RoyalWedding


    Fergie gonna Ferg. #RoyalWedding (📸 Steve Parsons / Getty)


    When you've got a #RoyalWedding at 11 but Harry Potter has to catch you to win a Quidditch match at 2


    Duchess Fergie when she sees Prince Phillip today #RoyalWedding


    @piersmorgan Fergie arriving 😄 #RoyalWedding


    Shout out to the woman checking if Harry and Meghan are on the list



    I can’t wait til this child is King of England #RoyalWedding


    Imagine having Kate Moss overseeing your wedding just imagine


    I get the impression that the Princesses may not actually have read the Great Gatsby, seeing as they just read a passage about the smile of a conman about to massively defraud you https://t.co/wjcZhV6hkT


    The most awkward wedding ring slide on ever! 😂😂#RoyalWedding #eugenie


    Eugenie’s wedding may or may not suffer from being the second #royalwedding of the year, but she looks beautiful, the groom looks cute and sweet, Fergie is a bubbly as she always is, the kids look adorable, HM looks lovely, Philip turned up, weather held up. Cheers all around.

    15. And finally, a camera picked this up this moment between William and Kate.

    This has officially made my day #RoyalWedding