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15 Times Scarlett From "Gogglebox" Said What We Were All Thinking

"If you like someone that much you'd go on a fucking megabus."

1. When Martin Freeman did a political video for the Labour Party ahead of the 2015 general election.

Studio Lambert / C4 and Labour / Via

2. When M died at the end of Skyfall.

MGM / Eon Productions

3. When a stuffed dog appeared on Antiques Roadshow and the owner said that she loved him very much.

Studio Lambert / Channel 4 and BBC / Via

4. When ITV News said that plastic bag charges in England could lead to "chaos at the checkouts".

Cate Gillon / Getty Images and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

5. When there was a doc about webcam sex couples and the people on the show used disguises like this.

Minnow Films / Channel 4

6. When Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader.

Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

7. When ITV had a gameshow that consisted of sport celebrities trying to balance on a pole the longest.

Studio Lambert / Channel 4 and Twofour / ITV / Via

8. When a dog apparently hypnotised some audience members during Britain's Got Talent.


She followed it up with: "What a load of shite."

9. During a doc called Collectaholics, about a man who collects hundreds and hundreds of teddy bears.

10. When Madonna blamed her cape for her fall at the Brits.

Studio Lambert / C4 / Via

11. When Sir Stuart Rose, the former boss of Marks & Spencer, launched a campaign to keep Britain in the European Union.

Studio Lambert / C4 and Euronews / Via

12. When BBC News reported on the economy in the north of England and showed deprivation like this.

Studio Lambert and Two Four / C4 / Via

13. When someone on First Dates said that they use evaporated milk while making a cup of tea.

Studio Lambert and Two Four / C4 / Via

14. When the daters said that they were going keep dating, but in London because it is "equal distance"...

Studio Lambert / C4 and Twofour / C4 / Via

15. And when pigs were involved in a challenge during the ITV2 gameshow Release the Hounds.

Studio Lambert / Channel 4 and Googlebox Entertainment / ITV / Via

Well done, Scarlett. You winner.

Studio Lambert / Channel 4

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