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Sainsbury's New Christmas Advert Stars Mog The Cat And It Is Lovely

It's also suitable for scrooges as the cat accidentally burns down everything.

Sainsbury's Christmas advert this year features Mog the Cat, a character created by the famous children's author Judith Kerr. It is narrated by Emma Thompson.

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What other books is Judith Kerr known for? Well the The Tiger who Came to Tea of course, which consisted of a tiger drinking all of the water out of the taps. Daddy then comes home and fixes everything and (spoiler alert) they all then go to a café.

Mog is owned by the Thomas family. In every book Mog screws it up ROYALLY for everyone.

And devastatingly, Mog is dead. Well she was dead. She died in 2002 in a book called Goodbye Mog. But don't worry – the cat isn't dead now, or we are now watching Mog II, like Snowball II in The Simpsons (cultural reference).

And the four-minute advert is delightful. We learn that Mr Thomas was dreaming of a bat while Mrs Thomas was dreaming of... "something else".

That a cat on a ceiling fan looks like this.

And that cats burning down houses deserve medals.

There will also be a new Judith Kerr book to accompany this advert. HarperCollins and Sainsbury's will donate all profits from the book to Save the Children.