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    21 Experiences That Every Twentysomething Has With Money

    You use contactless because you're not brave enough to take out anything more than £10 at the cash machine.

    1. Your wallet is full of this 99% of the time.

    2. But if you need a specific receipt for some reason, it's not there.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    3. You know you're going up in life when you've upgraded from something like this...

    Sainsbury's Supermarket / and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    Look how square it is. Look how plain it is. Look how it says "a little less golden".

    4. this.

    Sainsbury's Supermarket / and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    Look how slim it is. Look at the attention to the design. Look how it was positioned on a better shelf than the cheaper one. It was such a good idea to spend that extra 35p.

    5. And you know you've really gone up in life when you've gone from something like this...

    Getty Images / Mary Turner and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    This bus will get to your stop but will stop at 4,775,564,559 other stops first.

    6. this.

    Flickr: Michiel Jelijs / Flickr: thewolf / Creative Commons http://2.0

    You don't check the receipt the next morning and you never will.

    7. You still have no shame queuing for free or discounted things though, like free Waitrose coffee.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    "The coffee machine is not working AGAIN???!!!"

    8. When you get your first big job in your twenties your income and spending is something like this.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    The difference is a little bit higher than you would want it to be, but that's OK.

    9. Then a couple of years later you earn a bit more money and that bar graph looks like this.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    10. Still...could be worse. It could be Christmas.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    11. But no matter how much you earn, you do this every single time you go to the cinema.

    Facebook: scottglennbryan

    Why? A cinema is always overpriced.

    12. You also wonder this: "Has anyone gone to a Pizza Express without using a voucher?"

    PA Archive/Press Association Images Katie Collins and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    13. You love paying on contactless.


    But if you spend the same amount by cash you feel you've spent too much.

    14. You always get excited when you get paid and you manage to jump out of your overdraft.

    15. Even though all the money you have is this.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed
    NBC / Parks and Recreation /

    16. You're also starting to get a bit confused about why you're receiving phone calls from your uni.

    Getty Images/Purestock and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    Yes, you're paying the student loan company instead of the university directly, but surely they should know that you have no money.

    17. Every email you get from them looks like this. and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    18. You learn there is one thing that divides us all.

    Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images and Scott Bryan (BuzzFeed)

    19. If you're renting you've accepted this by now.

    30 Rock / Broadway Video / NBC /

    "Kenneth, I'm very proud of you. Next stop, home ownership! I'm just kidding, the middle class is dying, you'll be renting forever."

    20. But whether you are renting or buying a house there is STILL one thing that unites us and always will:

    NicoElNino / Thinkstock and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    "You need us to send you £120 to sign a reference? WHY NOT DIE?"

    21. And we're all morally outraged, insulted, and distressed at how expensive a FREDDO IS THESE DAYS.

    How much should it cost?

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

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