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    23 Times Richard Osman's Twitter Feed Has Been Just Delightful

    He's more than just the man who does the "World Cup of Crisps".

    1. If you haven't been doing it already, you really should be following Richard Osman's Twitter feed.

    DIET TIP! There are 89 calories in a packet of Salt & Vinegar Snacks-a-Jacks. But there are only 68 calories if yo…

    2. It's bloody great.

    Am sitting in horrible traffic, but fortunately someone is beeping their horn so we should be on the move soon.

    3. When Trump was inaugurated at 5pm UK time...

    Carlos Barria / Reuters

    And Richard Osman tweeted this.

    Trump's inauguration starts at 5. Pointless starts at 5.15. Your choice.

    4. He also noticed this mistake on Countdown.

    5. He's very British when it comes to buying things.

    Just bought some iPhone headphones in Shepherds Bush for £3!!! It immediately turns out they don't work AT ALL, but £3!!!! #bargain #result

    6. He's discovered this fact about Ed Sheeran.

    'Ed Sheeran' is an anagram of 'Shed Seven'. Don't bother checking, I promise it is. #Glastonbury

    7. When a contestant on Big Brother didn't realise that Margaret Thatcher was prime minister for 11 years...

    Channel 5 / Via

    ...he came out with this great one-liner.

    Imagine being in the Big Brother house and not knowing who the Prime Minister is? Mind you, that's the same every year.

    8. And then there's this great drawing.

    The 6 year-old son of a colleague has just drawn this. He has offered no explanation for it.

    9. He gives the best damn life advice.

    If I had one piece of advice for my daughter it would be never date anyone who looks like they could be on 'The Apprentice'.

    10. And advice about when to move house.

    My neighbours are playing Simply Red really loudly. Time to sell.

    11. He once dropped this truth bomb about Soft Cell.

    'Tainted Love' by Soft Cell was released nearer to the end of the Second World War than to today. #MorningEveryone

    12. And then there's this photo he got from his daughter.

    My daughter is in China and sends me photos of mis-translations. This is my new favourite.

    13. He had great suggestions for the World's Strongest Man competition, usually shown over Xmas.

    Other events I'd like to see on #WorldsStrongestMan are 'Undoing Jars' and 'Helping Me Move'.

    14. When Candice won The Great British Bake Off...

    BBC / Love Productions

    He summed up that final BBC One episode perfectly.

    This is the British equivalent of the last ever episode of 'Friends' #GBBOFinal

    15. And then there's this great point about Selasi.

    Although Trump has given a bad name to reality TV stars running for office I would still support Selasi if he chose to run for PM #GBBO

    God bless you, Selasi. Never forget.

    Love Productions / BBC

    16. Oh, and he linked it all back to politics.

    Votes needed to take over the country = Viewing figures of Bake-Off. Votes needed to take over a party = Viewing figures of Minder on ITV4.

    17. He once had this great pop at BuzzFeed.

    18. He is the leader of a city in Wales.

    Attention Swansea, I am your leader now...

    19. He once had the best analysis of Twitter I have ever seen.

    Not everyone on Twitter is a raging narcissist with terrible opinions, but every raging narcissist with terrible opinions is on Twitter.

    20. And the best take on those important people lists.

    21. When he came out with this wonderful valentine.

    Vertebrates have spines Invertebrates are jointless Have a lovely Valentines From me, that guy off Pointless. ❤❤❤

    22. And yeah, he always takes the piss out of himself.

    We've recorded 200 episodes of Pointless so far this year, just 10 more to go! Next year we're recording 7,000,000.

    23. God bless you, Richard Osman.

    “@Jimllpaintit: How about a nice romantic picture of Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman? ” So very beautiful.

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