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The "Love Actually" Reunion Teaser Is Finally Here

Red Nose Day Actually will be shown in the UK this Friday and in the US in May. The trailer provides instant nostalgia. (Warning: small spoilers.)

The teaser trailer for Red Nose Day Actually, the 10-minute follow-up to Love Actually, has been released. The skit will debut this Friday.

#RedNoseDayActually is tomorrow. ❤️ Here's a first look. Catch the whole thing tomorrow night on @BBCOne, from 7pm.…

The trailer features Mark (Andrew Lincoln)...

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC / Via

A tweet from Love Actually script editor Emma Freud showed photos of Lincoln holding cards alongside model Kate Moss. What does this possibly mean?!

Natalie (Martine McCutcheon)...

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC / Via

She was filmed in a scene with David (Hugh Grant) at a "pretend" press conference earlier this month, with Freud hinting that she and David are still together. What's her role at Number 10?

Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor)...

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC / Via

His scenes are filmed alongside Juliet's (Keira Knightley). So where does Mark fit into the equation? Does he know about Mark's front-door proclamation in the original film? Did he ever sort out the wedding video footage debacle?

Rufus (Rowan Atkinson)...

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC / Via

Teaser photos from Freud suggested that Rufus is now working at a British supermarket, and that he's still making people wait aaaaaages for their products.

Aurélia (Lucia Moniz)...

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC / Via

Her scenes appear to be filmed at the same location as Billy Mack's (Bill Nighy). So does that suggest a scene together? She was also filmed in a scene alongside Jamie (Colin Firth).

Juliet (Keira Knightley)...

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC / Via

What are her feelings towards Mark? Does she ever own a copy of her wedding on VHS, or did she transfer it to a DVD or USB file?

David, the prime minister (Hugh Grant)...

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC / Via

The main question: Is he still prime minister since the original film? Can you really be a prime minister for 14 years, or has he been PM twice? And what political party does he represent?

Daniel (Liam Neeson)...

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC / Via

Daniel's scene was one of the first one to be filmed, and itt will also feature the next two people. It was filmed on a bench on the South Bank.

Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster)...

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC

Sam is fondly remembered in the original for running to the airport to show Joanna that he has feelings for her. And Joanna is at the same scene as him in the follow-up, so are they together?

Joanna (Olivia Olson)...

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC

Is Joanna back in the UK for good?

...and Billy Mack (Bill Nighy).

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC

It is understood that Bill Nighy's scene was filmed at the radio studios at BBC's Broadcasting House. Is he still at the top of the charts? Has he destroyed Ed Sheeran?

Note: Jamie (Colin Firth) and Mikey (Marcus Brigstocke) were not shown in the trailer. However, this was tweeted a few days ago, featuring Jamie in an A+ turtleneck.

1 week til #rednosedayactually on BBC1. Has he aged? Could he be more handsome? Is she perfect? #justincases

So is Mikey working at BBC Radio 1 now?

Oh, and does Mark have a restraining order against him?!

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC

Oh, and who still uses one of these?!

Red Nose Day / BBC / NBC

Red Nose Day Actually will be shown in the UK on BBC One this Friday 24 March during Comic Relief. It will also be shown during Red Nose Day USA, which will be on NBC on 25 May 2017.

All of the actors are taking part to raise money for charity. To find out more, go to the Red Nose Day website.


Red Nose Day Actually will be shown in the UK on Friday 24 March. A previous version of this post misstated the date.

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