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Here's Everything You Need To Know About "Game Of Thrones: The Musical"

The comedy skit for Red Nose Day USA features Kit Harington, Rose Leslie, Alfie Allen, Peter Dinklage, and Emilia Clarke performing songs about famous scenes, including the Red Wedding.

Coldplay and the cast of Game of Thrones teamed up for Game of Thrones: The Musical . Not in real life, but for a comedy skit for Red Nose Day USA.

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A 12-minute video was uploaded to Coldplay's YouTube page last night, following a six-minute segment during the telethon on NBC on Thursday night.

Here's what we've learnt.

1. Robert Baratheon thought it was a terrible idea.

Red Nose Day /

2. So did Daenerys Targareyn.

Red Nose Day /

3. Chris Martin made a song called "Rastafarian Targaryen" and it sounds just as horrible as you would imagine. / Via

4. When Theon and Ramsey saw each other it was like.

Red Nose Day / Via

5. But it turns out that they're actually mates.

Red Nose Day / Via

Theon: "Love your shirt, mate."

Ramsay: "You look great."

6. Jojen also tried to warn Samwell against having chicken nuggets when everyone had their lunch.

Red Nose Day / Via

7. Only for Jojen to then say this afterwards.

Red Nose Day / Via

8. Jon Snow sang "Wildling" to Ygritte and it was just as romantic as you would expect.

Red Nose Day /

9. And just look at Jon Snow strut.

Red Nose Day / Via

10. Although, whatever you do, never give constructive criticism to Jon Snow's singing routine.

Red Nose Day / Via

11. These are the lyrics to a musical "Red Wedding".

Red Nose Day / Via

12. Daenerys then decided that a Game of Thrones musical is a great idea so she recorded "Rastafarian Targaryen."

View this video on YouTube / Via

Lyrics included: "I'm Queen of the Meereen, you can kiss my sandles."

13. Then Jaime Lannister got involved.

Red Nose Day / Via

14. And so did Tyrion.

Red Nose Day / Via

15. When can we see Game of Thrones: The Musical?

Red Nose Day / Via

The 3rd of Never.

You can donate to Red Nose Day USA here.

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