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The "Queer Eye" Fab 5 Were Given Tiaras By The Mayor Of Yass, So They Are Literally "Yass Queens!"

"Yass Queen!!!!!"

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You might have read that the Fab 5 are in Australia promoting the upcoming season of Queer Eye right now, so they specifically went to film in the small town of Yass.

Netflix / Google Maps

And Yass is not a big place either. It has a population of 6,500, located 51 miles (60 kilometres) north of Australia's capital, Canberra.

Today Netflix released this clip of the mayor of Yass, Rowena Abbey, meeting the Fab 5, before surprising the cast with tiaras while proclaiming: "Yass, Queen."

The @QueerEye Fab Five came to the small Aussie town Yass and became LITERAL Yass Queens!

The Guardian reported that 12 hours' worth of filming took place in the town, which will form a short episode ahead of the show's second season.


And the reaction to it: Well, predictably, you could sum it up with "yaaaaaaaasssssssss."

The @QueerEye guys being named Yass Queens is my favorite publicity stunt of all time.

So the mayor of Yass actually crowned the Fab Five. I guess they're our new royal family.

queer eye went all the way to Yass for the the wordplay. I respect and admire it


All of Canberra when Queer Eye visited Yass