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18 More Things Japan Has That The Rest Of The World Desperately Needs

Japan, quite simply, is an incredible country.

Last year, I wrote about some things in Japan that the rest of the world needs to adopt. Here's some more.

1. Katsu burgers at McDonald's that look like this.

2. Toilets that have the sink above the tank, so water washes your hands and then fills the bowl underneath.

3. Petrol hoses that dangle from above, so you can park your car anywhere in the forecourt.

4. Loudspeakers that play a little melody at dusk, to accompany the sunset and to warn children that it is time to head home.

Here's what it sounds like (I recorded it on my phone).

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

It's eerie and wonderful to hear these tunes as the sun sets.

5. Public exercise sessions called "radio calisthenics". People do these in parks, factories, and schools.

6. Running stations next to parks that allow you to borrow trainers and store your clothes in lockers.

7. Taxis that close and open their doors automatically, so you don't need to worry about slamming them shut.

8. Restaurants that make you choose your meal on a vending machine before you enter, so staff inside can concentrate on your meal rather than your cash.

9. Stores that sell noodles and have a hot water dispenser near the exit, so there's no need to go home and boil water for a snack.

10. Pre-packaged hard-boiled eggs, which are somehow flavoured in the middle.

11. Ice cubes stored in plastic cups for cheap iced coffee. You just add the coffee near the exit after you have paid.

12. These stores also allow you to send packages in the mail, even internationally, from the checkout.

13. Umbrella holders on bikes, so you can cycle with both hands on the handlebars when it is raining and not get wet.

14. Food courts located underneath or directly next to train stations, so you can pick up a bento box.

15. Toilet seats that are heated when you sit on them.

Plus some toilets also blow-dry your arse after you are finished, like a hand dryer.

16. Train stations, like in Osaka, are given a letter and a number, so knowing when to get off is a breeze.

17. Hot communal baths in the middle of towns and cities called sento, which help you relax and unwind after a busy day.

18. And finally, wild deer who bow to you like this after you have fed them deer treats.

They also chase you if you have run out of treats.