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Petra Mede And Måns Zelmerlöw Were The Best Thing About This Year's Eurovision

Best Eurovision hosts OF ALL TIME.

1. When they opened the show with this.

2. When they opened the semi-final with this line.

3. There was also this amazing gag.

4. The fact that in the second-semi final they broke into an massive musical number about the history of Eurovision...

5. Seriously, you have to give it a watch. The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.

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EBU / youtube.com

6. They also did an entire song on how to win Eurovision, which featured tips like this.

7. And featured this.

8. They then did this.

vine.co / EBU / BBC

9. You can watch the RIDICULOUS song here.

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BBC / EBU youtube.com

10. And did you notice Petra's costume changes?

11. And Petra is just amazingly sassy.

12. So damn sassy.

13. So much shade.

14. You rock.


In No.3, Petra says, "Not Europe the band. Europe the continent." A previous version of this article wrongly put "contest" rather than "continent”.