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    You Can Now Visit A Crashed "Doctor Who" TARDIS On Parliament Square

    It's a clever promotional stunt ahead of the new Doctor Who series tomorrow.

    If you go to Parliament Square today you'll see THIS.

    That's right. A TARDIS...right next to Big Ben.

    The first episode of the new series of Doctor Who, "Deep Breath", features a giant dinosaur roaring outside Big Ben.

    BBC Wales / Doctor Who /
    BBC Wales / Doctor Who /

    And the TARDIS is currently in London to help promote the show.

    Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association

    They're not filming anything there, it would have been a bit last-minute.

    Peter Capaldi was there earlier today with Jenna-Louise Coleman for a quick bit of photo publicity.

    "Look, the camera is over there..." (No, it isn't.)

    So yeah guys, just one more day to go.

    an West/PA Wire/Press Association


    Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association Images
    BBC / Doctor Who