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    Richard Hammond Claimed That Only Gay People Eat Ice Cream And A Lot Of People Are Confused

    "There's nothing wrong with it, but a grown man eating an ice cream you know, it's a bit... it's that way rather than that way."

    In the latest The Grand Tour episode, Richard Hammond suggests that only gay men eat ice cream.

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    It was during a feature called "Conversation Street", where the hosts say what is on their mind.

    Here's the context: The conversation starts with Jeremy Clarkson talking about this Rolls Royce.

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    Richard Hammond then follows it up with this:

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    Hammond then explained his reasoning:

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    It was then followed with this:

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    They then talk about chocolate confectionery.

    It was picked up online several days after the episode was released on Amazon Prime.

    Richard Hammond gags while explaining ‘men who eat ice-cream are gay’ on The Grand Tour, ep 6. Are men that watch t…

    And it's provoked a backlash.

    🤗 hello & here's the full richard hammond 'ice creams are gay' piece and yeah, it's awful

    On the day after George Michael died, weasel words from terrified heterosexuals shall not fucking pass. #hammond

    I wish George Michael was still alive so he could tell Richard Hammond to take his fragile masculinity and shove it up his arse.

    homophobia on a show about cars, the most classic white elephant of pathetic threatened masculinity, is so fucking tragic @RichardHammond

    Olly Alexander, the lead singer of Years & Years said:

    excuse me while i gag on my cornetto

    really tho no wonder some straight guys are fucked up they can't even have ice cream

    A lot of people are also taking the piss out of him.

    Imagine denying yourself ice cream AND bumming. Sad.

    I'm gonna go to Richard Hammond's house and deepthroat a Twister.

    If eating ice cream makes you gay then I am Liberace.

    "ice cream is gay" might be the worst opinion I've ever heard and I'm on twitter

    I’ve had SO much ice cream, really really hard ice cream, from a variety of angles.

    Both Richard Hammond and representatives for Amazon Prime Video did not respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

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