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13 "Changing Rooms" Designs That Really Haven't Aged That Well

Open your eyes.

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Remember Changing Rooms? It was a BBC show in the late '90s and early '00s where neighbours swapped houses and redecorated a room, aided by designers.

BBC / Endemol UK

As you can tell, some of the rooms haven't aged that well.

I did a bit of research, and here are some of the most WTF ones.

1. This "Out of This World" sexy room.

BBC / Endemol UK

Designer's review: "This is a sensual, sexy room."

Owner's review: "I don't like the bed." "The colour is horrible."

My review: To be honest, isn't this the set of a porn film? Also, WTF is with those nails? Look at those champagne buckets. And the fur. THE FUR!


2. This "Very Strong Black and White Themed" room.

BBC / Endemol UK

Designer's review: "I think it is very classy."

Owner's review: "Bloody hell."

My review: I'm absolutely speechless. Meanwhile my colleague Cassie thought it looked like a rather glam prison.

3. The "Tenthouse Penthouse".

BBC / Endemol UK

Designer's review: "They love being I went along with that."

Owner's review: "Not what I expected."



4. This "Romanto Panto".

BBC / Endemol UK

Designer's review: "They needed somewhere to escape from their three children."

Owner's review: "What a change. Crikey."

My review: I wouldn't sleep in this room. In fact, I'm not sure I can sleep again.

5. This "Tribute to All Things Circular" in Doncaster.

BBC / Endemol UK

Designer's review: "I absolutely love it. I like circles."

Owner's review: "Am I in the same room? This is amazing."

My review: A dentist's waiting room from hell. Why would you replace a heater with a glass bowl with a few pebbles in it?

6. This "Funky Family" room.

BBC / Endemol UK

Designer's review: "We have to see how it looks at the end."

Owner's review: "Oh no, it's horrible."

My review: This looks like a half-arsed, unfinished game of Tetris. Covered in litter.


9. This boudoir of "Hot Purple Passion".

BBC / Endemol UK

Designer's review: "It's very passionate."

Owner's review: "This is absolutely brilliant."

My review: Due to space issues, the pillows are not where you lay your head. No: That's the side. You have to sleep sideways. This is a disgrace.

10. This "Art Gallery–Inspired" living room.

BBC / Endemol UK

Designer's review: "It's Tate Modern mixed with '70s chic."

Owner's review: "Barbara, it's gorgeous." "Look at the wall."

My review: This looks like the set of an ITV daytime chat show that has just been cancelled. I also love that there are 10 beers on the table, as if you need to now drink them.

11. This "New York Gallery Sitting Room".

BBC / Endemol UK

Designer's reaction: "It's very serene, isn't it?"

Owner's reaction: "There is nothing I would change. This is fabulous."

My reaction: It looks like it's covered in paint samples and the coffee table is actually made out of paving slabs. Actual paving slabs. Fucking hell. Just buy a table.


The whole thing then collapsed minutes later because they put too many books on the shelves. Nothing was saved.

BBC / Endemol UK

It was especially awkward as the neighbours did not want to put their teapots on a free-standing shelf in the first place.

This is some of the greatest TV you will ever watch:

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Please, please, PLEASE bring back Changing Rooms or at least repeat episodes on a digital channel.

There are hundreds of channels WE NEED THIS.