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Can You Beat That Really Rather Hard "Only Connect" Missing Vowels Round?

This is the most frustrating round of the most frustrating show. So, good luck!

1. Let's start with an easy one. Type your answer.

2. Can you work out this film?

3. Let's talk about films and Greek islands.

Only Connect / Parasol / Via

4. What are the vowels in this word?

5. The contestants solved this in just three seconds.

6. This one is quite easy when you think about it.

7. How are you feeling right now?

8. We've all played this game, at one time or another.

9. It's good to avoid this, at all costs.

10. If you get this one right you win a dog.

11. Clue: It is a British TV show.

12. You need to be fully awake to get this one.

13. Let's make this even harder.

14. These guys all knew what country it was.

15. Oh, sod this.

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