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What Questions Do You Have For Red And Gloria From "OITNB"?

Kate Mulgrew and Selenis Leyva from Orange Is The New Black will be answering BuzzFeed reader questions ahead of the new season.

It's only really not that long now until the fourth season of Orange Is The New Black debuts on Netflix!

Jojo Whilden / Netflix

It will debut on all territories on June 17th, to be precise.

So what questions do you have for Red (Kate Mulgrew) and Gloria (Selenis Leyva) ahead of the new series?

Jojo Whilden / Netflix

BuzzFeed UK will be sitting down with them next week.

Maybe you've got some questions about what they've all got in store in the next season.

Netflix / / Via

Or a you want them to talk about your favourite scene.

Lionsgate Television / Netflix

Maybe you want an explanation about an episode, or a character, or anything about what filming is like.


Or maybe you want them to talk about some of your favourite characters, who may or may not be in the show this year.

Netflix /

Oh Nicky, please come back.

Write your questions in the comments below and it might be asked to the cast themselves!

Alternatively, email your questions to

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