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    14 TV Shows To Take Your Mind Off All That Frustrating Shit In The News

    We can get through this together. Believe in yourself.

    There is no escape from THE POLITICS, but TV can help. I asked for suggestions of TV shows to help you forget, and here are some responses:

    1. Cutthroat Kitchen

    Food Network

    Watch on: Food Network UK.

    "In times of fire and destruction there's nothing like watching a bunch of professional chefs fuck each other over for a short-term win."

    Suggested by Rachael Krishna, BuzzFeed Staff.

    2. Catastrophe

    Merman / Channel 4 / Via

    Watch on: All4, Amazon Prime Video.

    "What we all need right now is a catastrophe that we can laugh at with real joy instead of terror. Sharon Horgan is a foxy boss bitch, and Rob Delaney is sexy in a gawky dad kind of way. And together they are comedy magic."

    Suggested by Becky Barnicoat, BuzzFeed Staff.

    3. The Great British Sewing Bee

    Charlotte Medlicott / BBC/Love Productions/Charlotte Medlicott

    Watch on: BBC iPlayer, BBC Store.

    "I think that Sewing Bee is appealing because it's about skill, creativity, and craftsmanship, but also support and friendship – the contestants dashing across the room to help cram a dress on to a form, or sharing mistakes realised, helping others out when they get in a pickle. In the best of times this is important, but especially now when the UK is pitted against each other. And all-the-patterned-fabric."

    Suggested by Faye Woods on Twitter.

    4. Murder in Successville

    Ollie Upton / Tiger Aspect / BBC

    Watch on: BBC iPlayer, BBC Store.

    "The world in this show is one of the least believable – but it’s so ridiculous, it’s one of the most engaging. One real celebrity gets thrown in to investigate a murder mystery in a town of almost-but-not-quite-impressions of famous people. Everyone plays along to an incredible degree. You may not guess the killer, but you’ll laugh so much."

    Suggested by Jonathan Cresswell on Twitter.

    5. Love

    Suzanne Hanover/Netflix

    Watch on: Netflix.

    "If romantic comedies make you a bit eye-rolly, this is an (at times infuriatingly) realistic representation of relationships. Funny, smart, AND set in LA; you can feel like you're eating goji berries in Brentwood rather than a Pot Noodle in Brent Cross."

    Suggested by Susie Verrill on Twitter.

    6. Black Mirror

    Netflix / Via

    Watch on: All 4 (Series 3), Amazon (pay per episode), Netflix (coming soon).

    "You probably won't forget about the news watching this. You'll probably just think of it more, in fact. But let's be honest: There's no forgetting the news in this modern dystopia we now call home. Best embrace and consider the completely fictional implications of a prime minister fucking a pig."

    Suggested by Rebecca Hendin, BuzzFeed Staff.

    7. Bo Burnham: Make Happy

    KC Bailey/Netflix

    Watch on: Netflix

    "I can almost guarantee you've never seen anything quite like Bo Burnham's stand-up special Make Happy on Netflix. He can be equally funny, rude, and self-deprecating all in one song. He writes his own songs and you have to check out the amazing Kanye-inspired finale – it made me happy, that's for sure!"

    Suggested by Jazz Chappell on Twitter.

    8. Orphan Black

    BBC Worldwide 2015

    Watch on: Netflix.

    "There are so many twists and turns in this show that it's completely impossible to focus on anything else. It's even better if you haven't seen it before and you're binge-watching it, but even if you have seen it before, you find something new to focus on every single time. I recommend it to EVERYONE."

    Suggested by Ellie Bate, BuzzFeed Staff.

    9. The Disappearance

    Etienne Chognard / BBC/Fatastico - Quad Television/Etienne Chognard

    Watch on: BBC iPlayer, BBC Four.

    "Let’s hope Brexit won't put an end to the import of ridiculously OTT French dramas! Set in Lyon, The Disappearance is genuinely gripping, following the twists and turns of a police investigation into a missing teenager. This is a classic whodunnit and everyone is a suspect, right till the very end."

    Suggested by Martin Williams on Twitter.

    10. Casual

    Amazon Prime

    Watch on: Amazon Prime Video.

    "Inessential but fun rich-people-in-LA-have-emotional-crises dramedy: lush interiors, a splash of gratuitous hot-people nudity, and a lot of bitter laughs, with characters who are all basically saying 'Oh, fuck THIS'... but stylishly."

    Suggested by Jack Seale (TV critic for The Guardian and Radio Times).

    11. Outlander

    Neil Davidson / Amazon Prime / Via

    Watch on: Amazon Prime Video.

    "Switching between the end of the second world war and the years before the Jacobite rising of 1745, Outlander delivers a potent mix of political intrigue and bloody violence as the Scottish clans clash with the English. With rebellion, love, and revenge as the big themes, it's Game of Thrones with kilts."

    Suggested by Gordon MacMillan on Twitter.

    12. House of Cards (of course)

    David Giesbrecht / Netflix

    Watch on: Netflix.

    "Think of it like catharsis: While we see real-life Machiavellian political carnage in our country, we watch the Underwoods slaughter their way to the top from the comfort our living rooms and kid ourselves that it's all actually not real."

    Suggested by Matthew Tucker, BuzzFeed Staff.

    13. Unreal


    Watch on: Amazon Prime Video.

    "Go behind the scenes of dating show Everlasting in Unreal - a meta drama about just how manipulative reality TV really is. The beautiful but evil cast are all out for themselves and if there's no drama, they have to create it. It's Sunset Beach meets The Bachelor.

    Suggested by Talia on Twitter.

    14. AND BONUS: Gogglesprogs.

    Jude Edington

    Watch on: Channel 4, All4

    I have to suggest the kids version of Gogglebox, not just because it is an entertaining programme that kills 60 minutes, but because the contributors' thoughtful and intelligent comments on the issues in the news right now will make you feel a little bit hopeful for the future.

    Just a little bit.

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