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    There's A TV Show Featuring Grannies Getting High Because It's 2016

    A Granny's Guide to Modern Britain features some old-age pensioners going to Holland to try some cannabis for the first time. No, I don't know either.

    There's a new show on British TV right now where they get old people to try some things young people are into so they can understand youth culture.

    So NATURALLY they got some grannies high.

    Channel 4

    Not in the UK of course, but in Amsterdam. Why? Not a clue.

    The grannies got really, really, really quite high.

    Channel 4

    This is just quite odd to watch, to be honest with you.

    Here's some video of the so-called *experiment*.

    Facebook: video.php

    The main thing you get from it is the grannies' enthusiasm for the whole thing.

    Turns out rolling joints can be really quite tricky.

    Channel 4


    Once they finished their selection of cannabis, which ended with a batch of fresh space cakes...

    Channel 4

    They went to a kids playpark and found it exciting.

    Channel 4

    That's from touching the floors in these parks, which are a bit weird.

    And even went on some swings.

    Channel 4

    To be honest, I would watch a Channel 4 show that consisted of grannies going on swings for an entire half an hour. With TV where it is in 2016 – remember, this the channel that brought you Naked Attraction – that's where it'll probably end up.

    The show then broadcast a short disclaimer on the potential risks and dangers of cannabis, before showing the grannies on swings again.

    Channel 4

    This show is quite unique. They taught an old woman how young people use swearwords like this.

    Channel 4

    Because old people don't understand why we fucking use them apparently.

    Let's just say it had mixed success.

    "That's a"


    A Granny's Guide to Modern Britain can be watched on All4 in the United Kingdom and continues next Wednesday at 10.30pm on Channel 4.

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