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This Twitter Account That Shares "Bake Off" Moments Without Any Context Is Wonderful

God bless @nocontextgbbo.

If you are a fan of Bake Off, here is a casual reminder that you should be following this account on Twitter that shares moments from Bake Off without any context.

Like this.

And this.

A lot of these non-contextual tweets can apply to situations that aren't exclusively about baking.

Sometimes the account can be a little dark.

Oh, and there's a lot of innuendo.

Trust me, there's a lot of innuendo on this account.

It also takes the piss out of the subtitles a little bit.

And a lot of it is delightfully British.

And quite intense.

This account has also been running for quite a long time now, right back to the infamous and heartfelt 2015 Tamal pork sandwich incident.

The @NoContextGBBO account was created by Alex (who prefers to keep her last name anonymous), who watches the show live on the Channel 4 website and then rewatches the show again on Wednesday morning when the subtitles have been added.

Alex told BuzzFeed UK: "I watch at the same time as everyone else, if I can, and collect screenshots while it's on, then I post what I think are the best ones on the day (usually just one or two) and then post one a day until the next episode."

The account was started for fun, inspired by another account called @NoContextLouis: "I remember watching Bake Off and laughing at all the innuendos so I looked for a no context account, like the Louis Theroux one, but couldn't find one so I made this."

"It was just for fun but now it feels like a job! It's still fun though of course."

People also send her quotes they have seen from that week's episode in the account's DMs, but usually it's not with the screengrab attached, which means that she has to manually scroll through the episode to find the right bit. "It's not too bad though," Alex told BuzzFeed. "Most of the time I've already got the screenshot."

When asked what her favourite Bake Off out of context moment was, there was a bit of confusion. She initially thought I meant her favourite baker from 2017, not screengrab. Her initial response? "Oh that's like choosing between children!"

When the confusion passed, she revealed her favourite Bake Off moment-without-any-context screengrab is actually this...