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    Many People On The Internet Think That "The Simpsons" Can't Continue Without Harry Shearer

    Won't somebody please think of the children!

    Harry Shearer, the voice of Flanders, Lovejoy, Burns and others, has tweeted that has left The Simpsons.

    LEON NEAL / AFP / Via Twitter: @theharryshearer

    He wrote that he wished to have "the freedom to have other work."

    Many Simpsons fans are shocked at the news.

    Mr Burns is leaving #TheSimpsons. Bummed to see Harry Shearer leave, I will forever say "Boo urns"

    I'm genuinely upset about Harry Shearer leaving The Simpsons. I don't even really watch anymore but it still feels wrong.

    Many people just shared the moments from the characters that Harry Shearer has voiced over the years.

    Sad to hear that Harry Shearer - the voice of Mr Burns, Skinner, Ned Flanders, etc - could be leaving The Simpsons.

    This is such a big deal for me. #HarryShearer

    What many people have appreciated is the fact that Harry Shearer voiced so many Simpsons characters.

    Harry Shearer was Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Seymour Skinner Dr. Hibbert Lenny and Kent Brockman. If he's gone, the Simpsons is dead

    Fox to Hire 31 People to Replace Harry Shearer.

    Dear The Simpsons. Please don’t try to replace Harry Shearer with someone who kind of sounds like him. Do the right thing and end the show.

    Even though Al Jean said they will find a replacement for his characters, many don't think this is easy.

    Good news: Fox has announced a “Simpsons” replacement for @theharryshearer.

    BREAKING: The Simpsons to introduce new characters from 'some place far away'

    Oh, I see James L. Brooks has already hired Harry Shearer's replacement:

    Harry Shearer is leaving The Simpsons? quick, somone find his non-union Mexican equivalent!

    Fox fires @theharryshearer from 'The Simpsons'. Who'll do the Mr Burns voice now? I think we know:

    There were also a few suggestions about how all of these characters can be killed off if they can't find a replacement.

    Don't pry into my source, just know it's legit, but here's FOX's first memo on Harry Shearer quitting The Simpsons.

    "This season on the Simpsons: A devastating plague strikes Springfield, killing 23 people. Give or take." #HarryShearer

    Then again, this might not even matter, since The Simpsons passed its peak popularity years ago.

    Good news everyone! Harry Shearer isn't leaving Seasons 1-9 of The #Simpsons so this doesn't actually matter

    This is a very sad day for everyone indeed.

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