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    Netflix Has Confirmed That There Will Be A Second Season Of "Stranger Things"

    It will be in 2017 and here is the new teaser trailer.

    Netflix has finally announced that Stranger Things is coming back for a second season in a short trailer.

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    Don't scroll down if you haven't finished the first season!

    The cryptic teaser contains these words, which could be the titles for each of the episodes in Season 2.

    Stranger Things / Via

    There are nine titles and Netflix has announced nine new episodes, so it seems to make sense.

    In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly published today, the Duffer brothers said that Season 2 is not too much longer, to make sure it is manageable and so "it is never treading water."

    They also announced that there will be four new characters and that some scenes will not be set in Hawkins, Indiana.

    Another interesting thing to note from the teaser trailer is that the video says "In the fall of 1984..."

    Stranger Things / Via

    This means that it will be set exactly a year after the last season, which was set in November 1983.

    Stranger Things / Via

    The trailer leaves you wondering. What will happen to Will? What will he cough up next? Where is Eleven? Why were waffles being left in the woods by Jim Hopper? And of course...will there be justice for Barb?

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed UK

    And HOPEFULLY we will get to the heart of the biggest mystery of all: Steve Harrington's hair.

    Netflix Studios and BuzzFeed / Via

    Stranger Things Season 2 will debut on Netflix in 2017.

    Netflix / Via

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