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    They're Filming The "Love Actually" Reunion Already And The Turtlenecks Are Back

    Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster reunited on set.

    Yesterday the incredible news broke that a short 10-minute Love Actually sequel, featuring many of the original cast, was being made to raise a lot of money for Red Nose Day.

    Well, they have ALREADY started to film the scenes ahead of the comedy skit's release at the end of March. Emma Freud, the script editor for Love Actually, has shared this picture.

    #rednosedayactually shoot. Day 1. Yum.

    That's right. It's Liam Neeson (Daniel) and Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Sam). The. Turtlenecks. Are. Back.

    The same goddamn turtleneck that Daniel wore during the actual Love Actually film.

    Hot damn.

    They filmed this scene today. That's right.

    So this just happened. #rednosedayactually day 1 of filming. Might have cried a tiny bit.

    It's the location where Daniel and Sam talked about Sam's crush on Joanna (Olivia Olson) in the original.

    Here they are now.

    Freud tweeted another important detail.

    Under that scarf liam was wearing a turtle neck jumper. #rednosedayactually Day 1 of filming.

    AND THERE IS MORE! Emma Freud also shared this photo of Richard Curtis and a special cast member, first thing this morning.

    Oh hello #rednosedayactually cast member looking slightly older than she did in the original film....

    Who is the woman in the photo? IT'S JOANNA (Olivia Olson). Sam's love interest in Love Actually. The one who Sam ran through the whole of Heathrow Airport for when there was really relaxed security for some reason at the end of the film.

    So you see, Love Actually IS all around.

    Red Nose Day Actually will be broadcast on 24 March 2017 on BBC One. It will also be shown during Red Nose Day USA, which will be on NBC on 25 May 2017.