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    19 Things That Only "Broadchurch" Fans Will Understand

    "Narrowed it down to 156 culprits after tonight."

    1. What every Broadchurch episode consists of.

    2. This Lenny Henry joke.

    'When you put a complaint in at premier inn' #broadchurch

    3. DI Miller's "don't mess with me facial expressions."

    I could watch Olivia Colman pull unimpressed faces at men who've disappointed her all day long. It's practically an art form. #Broadchurch

    4. That DI Miller (Olivia Colman) loves a treat but DI Hardy (David Tennant) never does.

    Olivia Colman is me when someone offers food @BroadchurchTV 😂😂😂 look at her disappointment 😂😂😂 #Broadchurch

    Just look at her face.

    5. It just keeps happening.

    6. At least Miller has some lovely scotch eggs.

    7. Then there's Miller's relationship with the internet.

    Olivia Colman vs The Internet. #broadchurch

    8. DI Hardy's completely fucked up tea relationship.

    9. This dating revelation.

    I think the biggest twist in #Broadchurch so far has been that DCI Alec Hardy is on Tinder 😮

    Weird, right?

    10. Then there's working out who the culprit is.

    When #broadchurch is only on its second episode of the series & there's about 100 people who could've done it

    It can really be quite difficult to narrow down.


    My plan with #broadchurch; say 'it could be him' about every character so when the culprit is finally revealed I can say 'I said it was him'


    *whenever someone new appears* IT MUST BE YOU!!! #broadchurch


    List of people who aren't dodgy in #Broadchurch: .


    Narrowed it down to 156 suspects after tonight. #broadchurch

    15. Not forgetting Tennant's facial expressions.

    When you realise you have to wait a whole week for the next episode #broadchurch

    When you have no clue whodunit #Broadchurch

    16. And his intense interview technique.


    kink: david tennant saying "murder" #broadchurch

    18. Then there's Ed Burnett (Lenny Henry) and his phone.

    I wish my phone had as much storage as Ed Burnett's #broadchurch

    19. Oh and also Ian Winterman (Charlie Higson) and his laptop.

    Who hasn't broken into their exes house in the middle of the night to retrieve their presentation on photosynthesis…

    Thanks for watching Broadchurch.

    Broadchurch continues on ITV every Monday at 9pm.


    Miller and Hardy are DI police officers. An earlier version of this post misstated they were DCI.