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Posted on Sep 22, 2016

Mary Berry Has Left "Bake Off" And Britain Has A Lot To Say

But Paul Hollywood's signed a three-year deal with Channel 4.

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So today we heard the sad news that Mary Berry is quitting Bake Off because of "loyalty" to the BBC – but Paul Hollywood is joining Channel 4.

BBC / Love Productions

And predictably, the country went into meltdown.

‘Mary Berry’s quit Bake Off! Everyone into the shelter!’ ‘The shed, Dad?’ ‘JUST GET IN. FORGET YOUR MOTHER. THERE’S NO TIME.’

Full marks to the person in parliament who just screamed "Mary Berry's staying" so loudly it could be heard at the other end of corridor.

The Love Productions team right now

Although people praised Mary for her loyalty to the BBC.

Hail Mary, full of grace. The nation is with thee. Blessed art thou among bakers, and blessed is the cakes of thy w…

I want Mary Berry to be the new face of £20 notes

Coming soon: Cakes in a tent with Mary Berry, Mel and Sue #GBBO

People were left wondering just what will remain of the show.

Left, Mary Berry. Right, what’s left of #GBBO.

"Mary Berry is out" "Yes" "Mel & Sue too" "Yes, but it's the format we paid for" "This is a piece of paper with 'baking show' on it!" #GBBO

Meanwhile, over at Love Productions... #GBBO

At least we'll get to find out whether empty tents can echo

But then Paul Hollywood signed on to Channel 4 in a three-year deal.

I'm staying in the tent with the bakers where I belong. I want to thank Mary. I'll miss her but she has made the right decision for her.

exclusive footage of #PaulHollywood emerges #GBBO

can't wait for channel 4's Great British Snake Off with Paul Hollywood xx

First look at Channel 4's new edgier, Berry-less #GBBO:

A naked Paul Hollywood wanders the empty Bake Off tent. "Hello?" he shouts. There is no reply. He hugs a Battenberg. It cannot offer love.

Next seasons promo artwork for #greatbritishbakeoff just released. #GBBO @PaulHollywood

In summary:

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