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Pride Flags Were Caught On Camera During Russia's Eurovision Performance

It only happened for a few seconds, but viewers of the semi-finals of the competition noticed it.

Russia's entry for Eurovision this year is Polina Gagarina, with her song “A Million Voices”.

BBC / Eurovision / Via

In one instance during her performance in the semi-finals the audience was shown and for a couple of seconds all you could see were pride flags.

BBC One / Eurovision / Via

Here's the moment in full.

BBC / Eurovision / Via

Many people watching the show noticed it.

The pride flags are making me so so happy. #eurovision #rus

Loving all the gay pride flags during Russia's performance 😉 #Eurovision2015 #Russia #GayPride #Colour

The real million voices are the ones holding up gay pride flags during Russia's performance #ESC2015 #RUS

Funny that when Russia of all countries perform on #Eurovision2015, they zoom in on the gay pride flags....#hmmm 😆

Rob Watts, who was at the semi-final in Vienna, told BuzzFeed News that he noticed many more pride flags in the audience during Russia’s song than in any other performance. "We were all told to be nice to all the countries 'no matter who is in charge.' We were asked not to boo anyone."

Laura Cress, who was with him, said: "The crowd liked the song a lot more than last year, sadly there seemed to be much less resistance. Apart from the extra flags everyone around us actually really liked the Russian entry."

Last year, Russia was repeatedly booed by the audience whenever they received votes. / Via Eurovision / BBC

Russia qualified for Saturday’s final, where Gagarina will perform alongside entries from Australia and the UK.

BBC / Eurovision / Via

You can watch the performance here.

View this video on YouTube / Via Eurovision

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