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Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Val On "Bake Off" Proves You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

You should never give up on your dreams.

Val is more than just the baker who can hear bakes.

Love Productions / Via

It was never explained, which made it 10,000 times greater.

She is more than the one who always dances...

Love Productions / Via

She is more than the one who had AN EPIPHANY about where to put her jelly on her jaffa cake.

Love Productions / Via

And she is more than the one who dropped 10 million different things during the first couple of episodes.

Love Productions / Via

"We'll get away with it" is a great motto for life.

I am not kidding about her dropping stuff.

Love Productions / Via

ALL of these things are nothing compared to...

Her amazing, never-ending positivity.

Love Productions / Via

Anyone else would be crushed by a bad review from Val or Paul. She just takes any criticism in her stride.

Love Productions / Via

This has happened time and time and time again.

Love Productions / Via

Anyone else would just stumble after such a bad review.

And I know this is a show about bloody baking, but her constant optimism is pretty damn inspirational.

Love Production / Via

And then there's her WILD ambition. Remember her gingerbread bake? It featured the New York skyline, a windmill in Holland, and her sister...

Love Productions / Via

...for some reason.

The bake collapsed and didn't get great reviews. The following week she was back and said this.

BBC / Love Productions / Via

And she can just play on the criticisms she receives, like when her Noah's Ark didn't have two of every animal.

Love Productions / Via

(This went on for some time).

Love Productions / Via

Of course.

She just doesn't seem to care what people think.

BBC / Love Productions

And then there's her unbelievable sass.

Love Productions / BBC

We all love the taste of the sea, Val.

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

And you might think that her carefree attitude, her constant optimism, and her sass would be a liability in the tent.

Well...she's still here. SHE'S STILL HERE.

Love Productions / BBC

She's not yet beaten old favourite Norman from series five, but she has beaten last year's favourites, Marie and Sandy.

She even came first in last week's technical.

BBC / Love Productions

She's a joy to watch and a goddamn hero.

not all heroes wear capes #GBBO

She should never leave the show.

Love Productions / BBC

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