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What Are Your Theories To What Happened To Everyone In "Love Actually"?

Forget what you have seen about the special. What are your theories?

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Tomorrow, Red Nose Day Actually debuts as part of a fundraising drive for the charity Comic Relief.

You have already seen small clues of what is in the special 10-minute skit, which suggests what might have happened to all the characters.

#rednosedayactually shoot. Day 1. Yum.

But forget that it ever existed for a sec. What are your theories on what happened to the characters in Love Actually? It has been 13 years since the original.

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Every time we watch the film we all proclaim our theories, especially after wine.


What happened to David (Hugh Grant) and the US President (Billy Bob Thornton) after David owned him in front of the press because of his crush on Natalie (Martine McCutcheon)?

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Did the President actually get what he wanted from those titting negotiations?


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