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    "House Of Cards" Has Killed Off Kevin Spacey's Character

    Kevin Spacey was fired from the show after sexual misconduct allegations came to light, and now we know how he will be written out.

    In a new Netflix teaser trailer released today ahead of the final season of House of Cards, it appears that Kevin Spacey's character, Frank Underwood, has been killed off.

    The 25-second video consists of Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) addressing Frank's grave, before looking at the audience as the House of Cards theme music kicks in.


    Ever since Spacey was fired from the series after multiple sexual harrassment claims were made against him last year, many people have wondered how the final season of the show will play out without featuring his character. This trailer appears to show the problem has been resolved.

    The Twitter account for House of Cards has been teasing Frank’s fate for the past few days, tweeting photos of other characters who have died on the show such as Zoe Barnes and Tom Yates.

    Also, remember that coincidentally before Spacey was fired, it was revealed that Claire Underwood was now president of the United States anyway, and she ended the final episode of the fifth season with these words: "My turn."


    House of Cards: The Final Season will debut on Nov. 2 on Netflix.


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