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14 Pieces Of Advice From Karamo From "Queer Eye" That Will Make You Feel Something

"You deserve a life full of happiness, new experiences and an abundance of success. That's all."

1. On showing your vulnerable side:


From Queer Eye Season 1, Episode 2.

2. On healing:

3. On being open with your intentions, because sometimes in life you don't get if you don't ask:


From Season 1, Episode 7 of Queer Eye.

4. On never settling for second best:

5. On never limiting yourself:


From Season 1, Episode 7 of Queer Eye.

6. On whether you should really ask that person out:

7. On jealousy and frustration:

Twitter: @KaramoBrown

"Why am I not going after my own dreams? Why am I staying at a company that is overlooking me? That is the real question there."

8. On why building walls helps no one:


From Season 1, Episode 2 of Queer Eye.

9. On unrequited love:

Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

"You have to check in with yourself, which is a big thing we teach throughout Queer Eye: that their rejection is not about you, it is about them. And that's easier said than done.

"I'd like to give physical manifestations of representations of what is great about yourself, and I think writing those things down that you can post on your mirror in the bathroom, so as you're brushing your teeth, you can say: 'This is what I love about myself.'

"The rejection you felt from that person, that unrequited love, is really love that you should be showing yourself."

– via BuzzFeed

10. On the value of saying "no":

11. Why you need to work on one relationship problem at a time:


12. On life not going the way you want:

13. On coping after a breakup:

Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

"I like to write down the parts of my self-esteem that were affected by that breakup. Because sometimes the issues we have in our minds get bigger and bigger if we don't address them.

"And sometimes just putting them on paper and seeing that this person actually broke you down because of your body can help you remember that you need to focus on loving your body so that it doesn't become a bigger issue.

"You can see what exactly you need to focus on."

– via BuzzFeed

14. And finally:

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