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14 Pieces Of Advice From Karamo From "Queer Eye" That Will Make You Feel Something

"You deserve a life full of happiness, new experiences and an abundance of success. That's all."

1. On showing your vulnerable side:

2. On healing:

3. On being open with your intentions, because sometimes in life you don't get if you don't ask:

4. On never settling for second best:

5. On never limiting yourself:

6. On whether you should really ask that person out:

7. On jealousy and frustration:

8. On why building walls helps no one:

9. On unrequited love:

10. On the value of saying "no":

11. Why you need to work on one relationship problem at a time:

12. On life not going the way you want:

13. On coping after a breakup:

14. And finally: