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"13 Reasons Why" Is Officially Coming Back For A Second Season

Netflix announced the second season in a short video.

The popular Netflix show 13 Reasons Why is officially coming back for a second season. Netflix confirmed it in a video posted to Facebook and Twitter.

Their story isn't over. Season 2 of #13ReasonsWhy is coming.

The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the news, said that there will be 13 new episodes and that the show will return in 2018.

The show has received both praise and criticism for its storyline, which has included graphic depictions of rape and suicide.


In particular, many criticised the show for how it dealt with suicide. Last week Netflix added additional pre-show trigger warnings. A 30-minute interview series about the issues raised in the 13 Reasons Why, which was only on Netflix, was also uploaded to YouTube.

There are also mixed opinions about whether the show actually needs a second season, considering that it was based on only one book.

Finding out @13ReasonsWhy will be having a season 2 has completley made my sunday complete. Now its just a waiting game

@13ReasonsWhy i just hope season 2 doesn't ruin the original story, it was meant only for one season so the only th…

13 Reasons Why was a great show but I dont see the point of having a 2nd season. We've seen Hannah's story played out so what else is there

But perhaps Season 2 will feature justice for Jeff?

Kicked to the Curb / Netflix
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