John Oliver Has Done A 15-Minute Rant About Brexit

    In a 15-minute segment Oliver argues that the EU is "a bureaucratic, complicated, ambitious, overbearing, inspirational, and consistently irritating institution", but that "Britain would be crazy to leave it".

    It was inevitable that John Oliver would do a segment on the EU referendum. Here it is:

    HBO / Via Facebook: video.php

    In it, Oliver makes a case for Britain to stay in the European Union, using the opportunity to make digs at UKIP, the claim by pro-Brexit supporters that Britain gives £350 million gives to the EU each week, and the claim that the EU imposes ridiculous regulations.

    He says the word "Brexit" doesn't sound scary.

    And that the rest of the world doesn't care about it.

    But how dreadful it is to be in Britain right now.

    And here's his reasoning for Britain to stay in the EU.

    You can watch Last Week Tonight on HBO Go in the United States. It will be on Sky Atlantic at 10.45pm tonight in the United Kingdom.