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    Jessica Hynes Made A Passionate Speech Against Austerity At The BAFTAs But It Was Partially Cut By The BBC

    "I don't feel low income means low talent or low imagination or low intelligence." Update: A spokesperson for the BBC told BuzzFeed News that they tried to include an essence of what she said when her views were not related to the awards itself.

    Jessica Hynes argued against government cuts in her acceptance speech at the BAFTAs.

    Stephen Butler / BAFTA / Rex / REX USA

    However, a section of the speech was edited out from BBC coverage later that evening.

    According to the Radio Times, she argued against proposed cuts by the Conservatives. She said:

    I am from a single-parent family and my mum was a full-time worker to support me and my sister, and I'm really worried about the cuts that are coming to state education for people in low-income families.

    Because I don't think low income means low talent or low imagination or low intelligence.

    But some of that part of her speech was cut from the TV broadcast of the awards, as shown here.

    Viewers only saw this: "I am from a single-parent family and my parent was a full-time worker, and I'm really worried about the cuts that are coming."

    Then the broadcast cut to later section of the speech in which Hynes – who won Best Female Performance in a Comedy Programme for her role as Siobhan Sharpe in W1A – praised Arts Emergency, "who are working to raise money to ensure that the next generation of artists, producers, actors, directors are from all walks of society, because without organisations like that ... I wouldn't be here."

    Her speech was noted by audience members.

    #BAFTATV Jessica Hynes wins Best Performance in Comedy & makes passionate speech about cuts will it make TV cut ?

    Some viewers expressed frustration that her full speech was not shown.

    So annoying BBC cut Jessica Hynes speech. #Baftas2015

    #Baftas2015 I'm sure Jessica Hynes got edited. Love her and she had a real message to say. Shame on the BBC for the edit.

    hmm sounded like Jessica Hynes BAFTA winning speech about Government Cuts + Arts Funding was, ironically, cut?

    It is unclear why this was the case. The awards show slightly overran on BBC One, so it may have been edited purely for time reasons – particularly since Hynes' speech was relatively long. However, it was one of the most memorable moments from the show.

    In a statement to BuzzFeed News, a BBC spokesperson said: “As is always the case when covering occasions such as the BAFTAs, the BBC balances fair inclusion of personal views which are not directly related to the awards, with the audience expectation of an entertainment event. We did so on this occasion and whilst we did not include the speech in full, we ensured that its essence was captured."

    BuzzFeed News has also asked BAFTA for an explanation, and we will update this article if we receive a response.

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